21st century VITICULTURE, traditional and sustainable

Bodega Castillo de Cuzcurrita

The castle of Cuzcurrita was built by the Suárez de Figueroa family by the end of the XIV century and the beginning of the XV century. In the XIX Century, once the lordships and “mayorazgos” laws were abolished, the castle was kept as property of the Velasco-Rojas family during a few years. Later on, it was subject of various purchases and sales, until the year 1999 when it was acquired by Bergé y Compañía.

From that date, a complete refurbishing was started which will allow its architecture to last for centuries. The reform was not only aesthetic, the old vines were also recovered and the winery’s facilities were renovated, improving and modernizing the elaboration techniques, which at present, allow the wine to be elaborated in the optimum conditions that its quality requires.

About Bergé y Compañía
One of the main business groups in Spain. With a wide international presence, involved, among others, in the marine, port and logistics sectors as well as in the sustainable mobility industry.
Bergé y Compañía