Passion and enthusiasm
for contemporary art

Colección Bergé

Our art collection feeds from emerging artists that reflect our reality and project the future with past references, to the beginnings of art.

This are the ideas that represent our company for almost 150 years, and always looking to the future.

Bergé’s Collection is composed of paintings, paper works, sculptures, photography, videos, DVDs and facilities. It has first-rate artists that have been made point of reference of the twentieth century art. Among those, they stand-out: Bruce Nauman, Gerhard Richter, Carl André, Allan McCollum, John Baldessari, Eduard Ruscha, Liz Arnold, Martin Creed, Cristina Iglesias or Susana Solano.

About Bergé y Compañía
One of the main business groups in Spain. With a wide international presence, involved, among others, in the marine, port and logistics sectors as well as in the sustainable mobility industry.
Bergé y Compañía