Bergé Logistics unload 33,000 Tn in record time in Santander

The Port Operations business unit in Santander has just achieved a milestone that happens a few times. Between last December 30 and 31, and in just 26 hours, the Santander team unloaded 33,000 tons of iron briquettes destined for the Nueva Montaña Global Steel Wire (GSW) factory.

The ship ‘Holland Pearl’, from the port of Corpus Christi (United States), docked in Raos and has dimensions of 186 meters in length, 30.4 meters in beam and a deadweight of 45,396 tons, in addition to having five wineries. For the unloading, two ‘Gotwaald’ cranes of 80 tons were necessary.

It is worth remembering that at the beginning of November 2018, the scale of the ‘Castillo de Navia’ was also noticeable due to its dimensions, with a length of 258 meters and a beam of 43 meters.