Bergé Auto Expands its International Presence by Entering the Finnish Market with the distribution of Kia and Mitsubishi vehicles

As part of its international growth strategy, Bergé Auto has acquired the distribution of Kia and Mitsubishi vehicles in the Finnish market from Delta Motor Group Oy.

This operation consolidates Bergé Auto as one of the leading automobile distributors in Europe and Latin America, while reinforcing its position as an international strategic partner for both these Asian manufacturers.

Currently, both Kia and Mitsubishi have an important presence in the Finnish market (jointly reaching a 7% total market share of vehicle sales through the end of 2017). This being said, Bergé Auto intends to expand this presence through its proven experience in international vehicle distribution, while applying an ambitious customer-oriented strategy based on the digitalization of all its activities at the local level.

“In an increasingly digital ecosystem, new consumer behaviors require the design of custom value propositions, aligning the business strategy with the evolution and needs of today’s customers. This is precisely where our business model is key to successfully addressing our expansion in the different international markets”, states Jorge Navea, Chief Executive Officer at Bergé Auto.

Bergé Auto

Bergé Auto ended fiscal year 2017 with total sales of 127,000 units (an increase of 13% from 2016) and with a turnover of 2.6 Billion Euros.

Present in four European and four Latin American markets, its activities are concentrated in the areas of Distribution, Retail, Financial Services, Logistics and Mobility.

Bergé Auto plans to continue developing its new business model, clearly focussing on growth, with a strategy based on four main pillars: international expansion, digitalization of all its processes, capitalization of new business activities within the scope of the mobility ecosystem and the maintenance of “customers” at the center of all its activities.

Bergé Auto foresees its total sales to reach 145,000 units and a turnover of 3 Billion Euros in 2018.

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