BERGÉ AND GEFCO form an alliance to develop automotive vehicle logistics in Spain

The new company will have the capacity to manage 1.4 million cars annually, with more than 3 million m2 of vehicle storage, 700 vehicle trucks, 100 rail wagons and 40,000 m2 of workshop space.

BERGE, a leading player in multimodal logistics services in Spain, and GEFCO Group, a global provider of industrial supply chain services and the European leader in automotive logistics have agreed to join forces to create the leading company in the finished vehicle logistics market in Spain. The new equally-owned company, BERGÉ GEFCO, will be formed by the finished vehicle logistics divisions of both companies in Spain, through GEFCO Spain FVL activities and BERGE Automotive Logistics (BAL). The operation is subject to European Commission approval.

BERGÉ AND GEFCO form an alliance to develop automotive vehicle logistics in Spain

Synergies for market growth

The finished vehicle market in Spain is one of the world’s largest: 3 million vehicles are produced annually, 2.4 million exported and 1.2 million commercialized. BERGÉ GEFCO’s aim is to build closer relationships with customers to meet their needs by improving key processes, optimizing existing resources and increasing reactivity. The new company will offer customers a full-range of finished vehicle logistics including transport, storage, technical services, inspections and delivery. The combined resources and transport means of the partner companies will provide comprehensive end-to-end services including logistics design and engineering from customer production sites to delivery to final customers.

Building on the expertise and resources of the parent companies, BERGÉ GEFCO will become a dynamic new leader in the finished vehicle market and create value for customers, partners and employees. The company will focus its activities on the Spanish market and help both partners develop their international networks in other markets.

New transport and warehousing solutions

BERGÉ GEFCO will provide a significant increase in transport and storage capacity and geographical scope. Customers will benefit from 3.4 million m2 storage in coumpounds and ports and the capacity to manage and transport 1.4 million cars annually through a fleet of more than 700 vehicle trucks and 100 rail wagons. In addition, the new company will offer a wide variety of complementary services at its 10 logistic centers throughout Spain and its 40,000 m2 of workshop space including repairs, paint work, car washing, delivery preparations and quality and finishing controls.

“We are very pleased to create a joint venture company with BERGÉ. Our partnership will allow us to offer an extended range of high-quality services that will benefit our customers, partners and employees,” highlights Luc Nadal, Chairman of GEFCO SA’s Management Board. “The new company will be well-positioned to anticipate the evolving needs in the automotive sector and we look forward to combining our resources to boost innovation.”

Jaime Gorbeña, President of BERGÉ y COMPAÑÍA, commented: “BERGÉ’s commitment to working in partnership with GEFCO, a global leader in industrial logistics, will definitely strengthen our leadership in Spanish vehicle logistics. We are confident that pooling our knowledge and experience in this segment will improve our service offer and drive businesses growth.”

Operational synergies

BERGÉ GEFCO will offer an extensive portfolio of logistic solutions to current customers of both companies enabling them to better manage seasonal peaks and benefit from dedicated resources. In addition, the new company expects to develop strong operational synergies through pooling of resources and capacities, and to strengthen both its position on domestic and international flows.

The new company will be well positioned to anticipate evolving needs in the automotive logistics segment and help customers manage increasing sales volumes.


  • 650 employees
  • Headquarters: Ciempozuelos (Madrid, Spain)
  • 3.4 million m2 storage
  • 1.4 million vehicles management capacity
  • 700 vehicle trucks
  • 100 rail wagons
  • 40,000 m2 workshop surface
  • 10 logistic centers in: Ciempozuelos, Pinto and Villaverde (Madrid), Barcelona and Tarragona (Catalonia), Sagunto (Valencia), Vigo and Porriño (Pontevedra), Santander and Zaragoza.
  • Presence in 26 ports throughout Spain


At GEFCO (, we believe long-lasting cooperation with partners is the key to shared growth. Building on 69 years of expertise, we design and deploy smart and flexible supply chain solutions in 10+ industrial sectors. Today, the GEFCO Group is the European leader in automotive logistics, and a top 10 global partner in multimodal supply chain solutions. The Group is present in 47 countries, includes over 300 destinations in its current network and employs 13,000 people globally. The GEFCO Group reported a turnover of €4.4 billion in 2017.

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