B4Motion gives its shareholding to Moventia

In order to strengthen its strategic growth plan, B4Motion (Venture + Lab belonging to Bergé Auto) has given its shareholding, through a capital increase, to the company Moventia, leading mobility company in the field of transport and the automotive industry. We welcome Moventia to our mobility ecosystem and we appreciate the confidence shown in this project. A new partner who, given his successful business career and extensive experience in various areas of mobility, will help significantly to consolidate B4Motion’s ambitious growth plan, “says Sebastián Canadell, president of B4Motion. B4Motion, since its foundation in 2015, is fully aware of the rapid and profound transformation of the automotive sector and the very concept of mobility. In barely a couple of decades, we will witness changes much more relevant than in the previous 100 years.

The combination of new “big trends” such as the consolidation of the shared transportation model, the irruption of the autonomous, electric, connected car and where the models will be updated annually, will give rise to scenarios that will offer great opportunities to develop new businesses.

As a result of all this, companies such as TRIVE  focused on the purely online sale of vehicles, BotOn connected vehicle company, WSP parking company “as a service” or BIPI as a vehicle subscription model, are today part of the “portfolio” of B4Motion.

The objective of B4Motion for 2019 is to continue deepening its research, investment and creation of new companies related to the industry, reinforcing its position as a unique Venture + Lab in Europe.