The reference in automobile distribution,
port, maritime and logistics services


years of history

Bergé y Compañía is a company with almost 150 years of history and the same entrepreneurial spirit with which it was born. Leading company of Spanish business development from the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century to the digital revolution of our days.

Bergé y Compañía is a leader in two sectors: the automotive and logistics services. With a team of more than 4,500 people and present in nine countries, the group has two main subholdings: Bergé, whose main activities are intermodal logistic services; and Bergé Auto, dedicated to the distribution of automobiles and the development of mobility projects within the new digital economy.

“En 1870, Bergé y Compañía nació con un ADN claro: el compromiso con la movilidad en un mundo cada vez más próspero e interconectado. Hoy, 150 años después de aquel propósito fundacional, Bergé y Compañía sigue renovando a diario su espíritu emprendedor para continuar en la proa del liderazgo empresarial en los sectores que marcarán la movilidad del siglo XXI. Seguimos siendo jóvenes. Esto acaba de comenzar.”

Jaime Gorbeña, Chairman

Bergé Auto

Bergé Auto is one of the leaders in Europe and Latin America in the automobile distribution market. Our knowledge and experience at a international level in the automobile sector permits us offer custom solutions for each brand and market.


Leader in the Spanish market and present in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Panama, the Company integrates all of the value chain to transport and facilitate the movement of type of goods throughout the world with significant cost savings and maximum quality.